I'm not sure if you know about this amazing MMORPG game called The Secret World. It's still developed by Funcom and published by EA.

So basically this game:
  • is set in modern world, there are 3 cities (New York, London and Seoul),
  • you play as "agent" of your secret society (I chose to play as Illuminati, but there are Dragons and Templars too),
  • beside real world, there is secret world, hidden in Agartha (Agartha is some kind of portal, it connects you with other worlds),
  • there aren't any levels, classes... there are currently more than 500 abilities to learn!,
  • for more informations visit this webpage.

I would like to show you some of interesting photos I've taken. I play this game for more than half a year but I still haven't finished it (I had a loooong break from July until the beginning of January).

Enough words, here are some pictures. Hope you'll enjoy them :)

Ur-Draug - boss of the first dungeon

I hate these creatures!