A whole new world awaits for you!

     Explore the new beaches, spend time in parks, visit one of the 10 clubs or swim in the Tropicana Pool. You can do everything, what you want in BlueVille Island. Send your sims to the paradise!

     BlueVille Island is located in the Simsocen, 275 kilometers from Sunset Valley and 50 minutes from Twinbrook. Near this island is "Island of gold", but the legend says, it's cursed. You can travel there only by ship, because there isn't airport. On this island are always hot summers, but winters are usually cold. There are sunny and cloudy days. Sometimes is there foggy weather. On the northern area are residential lots, but there are also parks and one church. On the South West are modern houses. There are also traditional houses and beach-themed  houses.

This world is pre-populated!

     Sims are packed into this world, you don't need to download any save file. Just download the world and install it.

(As you can see, I packed also service sims and homeless sims. When you'll open the world, you'll see, like they're standing on empty lots. But don't be afraid! They'll move into the city (or just disappear), so the lots will stay empty, you can build houses on these lots.)

What I did with this world:
  • changed water color
  • changed sky color and added clouds, edited sunrise and sunset
  • edited weather
  • changed look of the rabbit holes
  • edited routing data
  • populated it
  • sims have moodlets
  • waited for Pets EP and added new community lots (not pets!)
  • added minor pet spawners
  • edited routing data
  • added effects from Bridgeports (pigeons) and Twinbrook (fog)
This world (medium size 1024x1024) comes with 108 lots (63 residential and 45 community):

     This world is absolutely CC free. Autor of the roads (Ashillion on MTS) deleted the old thread, where the download link was.

     I used textures. These textures were uploaded by Martine from MTS.
Textures from MTS

    Pictures from theater posters:
  1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 poster
  2. Final destination V poster
  3. Bad teacher poster
  4. Friends with benefits poster
  5. Paranormal activity 3 poster
  6. Resident Evil Afterlife 3D poster

     Special thanks to these people and their great tutorials and threads:

  1. Armiel - MTS Routing data tutorial
  2. Simsample - MTS In-game objects enabled for CAW
  3. Simsample - MTS Sea, sky and light parameters
  4. Claeric - MTS Changing water color
  5. Stw402 - TS3 C'C Building a world - part 1-6     Building a world - part 7-10     Building a world - part 11-12       
  6. Simswiki Populating worlds   
  7. Testers on the official forum (White_lilly_1988)

     The full HD trailer for this island you can watch here:

     This world comes in 2 versions:
  • with edited INI files - changed sky and water color, edited rabbit holes, edited weather (edited clouds, fog)
  • without edited INI files - world with base setting from Sunset Valley (only clear weather, no clouds)
     To enable the weather you must follow these points (works only in special version):
  1. Start the game and load the BlueVille Island RC 1 world (special version).
  2. Select one of the pre-made families, klick on the tick and open their house. 
  3. Go back to the main menu and select the BlueVille Island RC 1 again.
  4. Load the world again and you'll see the clouds.

     You can have installed only ONE version at the same time!

     You need to go to the vacation (i. e. 3 days in China) and then return to the BlueVille Island (you don't need to stay there for all 3 days. Just go to the destination and then go home). Map icons/markers will be now visible.

     When the first solution doesn't work, try switch your active household. It helped to me. This issue is not world related, but it is a game's bug. Other people have this bug too and they don't have my world.