This is my first world, that I made. It's a big seaside city called Sunshine Paradise, where you can find unique Acropolis.

It requires:
World Adventures EP
These objects from The Sims 3 Store:

Statue of an unknown seamstress
Towel drying stand
Harvest bounty set
The Shhh... It's a library door

Informations about lot:
World size: 2048x2048
Number of lots: 99

Thanks to:,34.75.html

Thanks to creators:
Untouched Serenity – cazapurt
Grand victorian manor – MidnightRose
The mediteranean – kattmc3
Loaded – Babajayne
The sealuxe – cazapurt
La Amorosa – jisgr8
The southwestern gardens – kattmc3
Santa Helena – matomibotaki
Ochre point mansion – Mirraaj
20 Summer Hill Court – itoole
Gamble house – framedarchitecture
Home makeovers Landgraab resort – liugao
The Sandringham mansion - Anakin_Stupaine
Seaside palace - Sefverin
Ashland manor - DeluxeDesigns
Primrose point - DeluxeDesigns
No.1 California avenue - DeluxeDesigns
Dream mansion – Elecris
Beachfront re-done - skagrl7250
Vineyard - srgmls23
Hill side - denizzo_ist
Levender villa - Calyps ©
Nile Dreams - denizzo_ist
The Great Aquapark Of Giza - O.Beverly
Carnation Triplex - freyja
««• Fine Arts And Design University Of Coolestpcdfan •»» - O.Beverly
Manteniujum - ѕнакє™

Sunshine Paradise - sims3pack